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iOS App Testing Tutorial: Manual & Automation May 24, 2020 Whats are some ways to beta test an iOS app? | There is a tool called Daiwa that a number of developers use for beta testing the IOS apps. you have to share your UUID of your device and then they can send you an install link. You can also get added as a tester in Itunes and pre test you app from there. This takes a little more effort to setup and get it to work. Google Preview Apps

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For iOS, tvOS, or watchOS apps, distribute a beta version of your app to internal and external testers using TestFlight. The TestFlight app allows invited users to install, beta test, provide feedback, and get updates of your app. Apple distributes the beta version for you, then you just need to managed the builds and users on App Store Connect. Sending Feedback through the Beta App (iOS 13 or later) When you take a screenshot while testing a beta app, you can send the screenshot with feedback directly to the developer without leaving the app. Developers can opt out of receiving this type of feedback, so this option is only available if the developer has it enabled.

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