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This is the simplest way to reset the Asus RT-N66U WiFi router. All routers have this Reset button. Reset delete all internet or and wireless settings on your device (IP addresses, DNS details, WiFi password, etc). Follow these steps to reset your Asus wireless router.

ASUS RT-N66U Firmware version - Fixed CVE-2018-20334 - Fixed CVE-2018-20336 - Fixed null pointer issue. RT-N66U BIOS & FIRMWARE | Networking | ASUS Global

Download ASUS RT-N66U (Ver.B1) Router Firmware (Firmware)

May 19, 2014 Asus RT-N66U - DD-WRT Wiki At launch, the RT-N66U was limited to 32k nvram. However, CFE (bootloader) version added 64k nvram support around April 2013, but was not compatible with DD-WRT firmware at that time. For details, see these forum links to historical nvram and 64K implemention discussions: Fractal comments and "RT-N66 CFE Thread" How to update the firmware of your router to - ASUS USA Jul 08, 2020