NSIS stands for Nullsoft Scriptable Install System, a tool that allows software developers to create installers for their applications. The installation processes generated by NSIS contain all common options typically available in other, similar programs. One of the advantages of using NSIS is the ability to personalize the process to your liking.

The HMNSIS software is great for creating a simple installer for a simple application. It has a built in wizard and is good little IDE for NSIS. I also agree that it is a fairly well documented, free software. However, like I said, due to the fact that I haven't needed anything else (because I like NSIS… How to fix NSIS Error in windows 10/8.1/8/7 - YouTube Aug 16, 2016 Home · NSIS-Dev/nsl-assembler Wiki · GitHub Nov 06, 2016

National Intelligence Service (Kenya) (NIS; Swahili: Huduma ya Ujasusi ya Kitaifa) which was previously known as the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) is both the (national) domestic and foreign intelligence agency of Kenya.

var FONT_DIR !include "WinMessages.nsh"!ifndef CSIDL_FONTS !define CSIDL_FONTS '0x14';Fonts directory path constant!endif!ifndef CSIDL_FLAG_CREATE !define CSIDL_FLAG_CREATE 0x8000 !endif ### Modified Code from FileFunc.nsh ### ### Original by Instructor and kichik ### !include "Util.nsh" !macro AdvFontUtil_GetFileNameImp Exch $0 Push $1 Push $2

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NSIS가 공개된 이후 수많은 상용 소프트웨어 및 오픈소스 프로젝트에서 NSIS를 사용하고 있으며, 아마도 현재 Windows 플랫폼에서 제일 많이 사용하는 설치 툴일 걸로 예상된다. NSIS: Nullsoft Scriptable Install System / Wiki / Browse Pages NSIS: Nullsoft Scriptable Install System; Wiki; NSIS: Nullsoft Scriptable Install System Windows installer development tool Brought to you by: anders_k, eccles, joostverburg Developer Center - NSIS From NSIS Wiki This is the place where NSIS users can find and share script code, examples, plug-ins, tutorials, software, graphics and everything else that's related to NSIS…