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"It ended up being easier to set up EZCast Pro than the displays they were connecting to." Rebecca Boyer Analytical Biological Services "With EZCast Pro used in the classroom, I am able to teach, sit next to my students, and interact with them." ezCast - Download Jun 21, 2020 How to Set Up Multiple Wireless Displays With - EZCast Pro To set up wireless dual monitors, you simply need two EZCast Pro II dongles to connect to the HDMI port of your monitors. The second-generation wireless presentation receiver, EZCast Pro II, is an upgrade over its predecessor by supporting screen and video resolutions up to 4K. Download EZCast app for Android, iOS and Windows PC

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Even though EZCast Wire screen mirroring with Android phone isn’t as streamlined as with iPhones, it is still very easy. You first need to install the EZCast app to your Android phone. Next, plug in the USB cable from EZCast Wire to your Android phone, and use the EZCast app to discover the EZCast Wire device.

internet surfing since your mobile device’s WiFi is linking to EZCast dongle.) 5. Except EZCast dongle, if you have a ChromeCast dongle, you can also find it as an EZCast receiver if your iPhone is under same network with your Cheromecast. 6. In the demo mode, you can see all the major features demo even withoutconnecting to EZCast dongle.

Hardware Installation: 1.Please plug power adapter’s USB connector into EZCast dongle's micro USB port or use USB cable to connect EZCast 2.Plug EZCast dongle's HDMI connector to your TV/Projector's HDMI socket, and switch the TV/Projector’s source to 3.You will see EZCast main menu on the Next is to download the EZcast app for your Android/iPhone/iPad/Windows PC here. After installing the app on your device, plug the dongle to your TV via the HDMI port. Connect the two in one WiFi USB cable to a USB power source (eg USB port of a laptop, power bank or Home Theatre). This automatically power ON the dongle. First connect your smartphone to the EZCast dongle’s Wi-Fi, so you can access the dongle with EZCast app. Access the 3G4G function in the EZCast app to share mobile internet with your dongle. After you execute the 3G4G function, you will be prompted to type in your phone’s mobile hotspot settings, so your dongle can connect to your mobile internet. 1 EZCast to power. Plug the micro USB cable to EZCast dongle, and power it up by connecting USB cable to and adapter (5V/1A). To make sure your Wi-Fi is stable, please place the USB cable adapter in front of TV. 2 EZCast to TV. Plug EZCast dongle into a HDMI port on TV.